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Superstition 11

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Superstition 11 Empty Superstition 11

Post by ricko1320 on 1/24/2009, 5:28 pm

Hi all, well we went to San Diego 4 Wheelers, Superstition 11 and had a great time, the weather was perfect and the Blue Angels flew the canyons with us all day. On Sat. we did something different, instead of taking a run on an SUV trail or an extreme waterfall filled rocky canyon, we set up a hot dog stand. We went out to the west end of Superstition Mt. to Mine Canyon where 4 different runs passed through and gave away hot dogs, chips, and sodas for free to try to show Gods love in a practicle way. It was well received and started many coversations, and we continue to pray all. After about 3PM things slowed to nothing so we packed the jeeps and trailer and slowly made our way out of the canyons and over the dunes to base camp. We checked out the raffle, but left empty handed. Sunday we followed a group out an extreme trail called "Broken Arrow" until a broken axle in a tight spot caused a back up. There was plenty of help and parts for the break down so we took off on our own and zig zaged up and down canyons all day. We found stuff that was fun and some that was a little out of our league, 8 to10 foot under cut ledges, but watched the rock buggies defy gravity. The weather was great, and the sunset even better, and no serious jeep carnage. Thank God for a great opportunity to share His love and enjoy His creation Rick

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Superstition 11 Empty superstion 11

Post by desert yj on 1/31/2009, 8:50 am

hey rick sounds like another great day for you guys ,im starting to feel jealous ,no i am jealous , hope you guys continue to have fun combineing your love of the lord and your offroading ,good job, jim:cheers:
desert yj
desert yj
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