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Post by Yuma 4X4 on 4/14/2009, 3:48 am

If you couldn't get it reading the other tutorial, try this one...
DavidWymore wrote:Go to your photo album on Phbucket.

When you put the mouse over a pic (don't click it) , a little window with some links in it drops down.

The bottom one is the IMG code.

Click on it and it will be highlighted blue.

Right click on the highlighted IMG link and click Copy in the window that pops up.

Then go to the thread you're posting the pic in and right click in the Text Box where you type. When you right-click another window pops open with some options...click Paste and you're done! The link will show up as text in the text box but when you post, it will show as a pic.

Like this!

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