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no name wash run report aug. 16 08

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no name wash run report aug. 16 08

Post by desert yj on 8/19/2008, 6:36 pm

night run with Yuma 4wheelers,as usual a good run led by red leader,the trail is off pichacho road, the trail starts on the east side of the road and wanders thru a very narrow canyon even at night the scenery was great . this will be a great run in the day, and is o k for rhinos , in fact yuma 4 wheelers had placed a 70 inch and 100 inch wheel base limit , even then the jeeps pulled in their mirrors ,better to be safe then sorry. all in all another great run put on by Yuma 4 wheelers.cheers
desert yj
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Re: no name wash run report aug. 16 08

Post by azredliner on 8/20/2008, 7:01 am

I was surprized that Perry made it so easily with the Cherokee. He just bumped his mirrors a little.

Too easy for ZukiChick!

Yuma 4-Wheelers
Yuma 4-Wheelers

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