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Calico 4x4HIM Jamboree '09

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Calico 4x4HIM Jamboree '09 Empty Calico 4x4HIM Jamboree '09

Post by ricko1320 on 4/10/2009, 4:20 pm

Hi all, sorry it took so long to post something. Cole, David, and myself went to the Calico event and enjoyed great weather, fellowship, and wheeling. Lots of cool rigs to check out. Sat. we went up Odessa canyon untill a break down allowed a little wrenching and winch practice. We were able to get back to camp in time for the taco bar and ate well. Sat. night was a great worship service w/live band and an excellent message, followed by a raffle with everything winches, rollcage, straps, highlifts, etc. After the raffle, Hobbie and some other Formula Toy guys offered to show anyone interested how to get through a nasty obstacle called Gatekeeper. It was interesting to watch as some drove through like going over a curb, and others required wrenching, welding, and winching. Sunday we went for cruise an I got us lost, by the time we got back to camp the wind was howling. We had to lay on our tents to pull the pegs or they would have gone. Next year might be at Panamint. More info (4x4HIM.org) web site. Thanks RickCalico 4x4HIM Jamboree '09 Calicoandmisc022Calico 4x4HIM Jamboree '09 Calicoandmisc002Calico 4x4HIM Jamboree '09 Calicoandmisc005Calico 4x4HIM Jamboree '09 Calicoandmisc021

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