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Yuma 4x4 Cargo Muchacho run

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Yuma 4x4 Cargo Muchacho run Empty Yuma 4x4 Cargo Muchacho run

Post by ricko1320 on 12/20/2008, 9:31 pm

Any one home? Hi, Cole and I went to the Cargo's with the Yuma guys today. I was late, holding everyone up, but all were gracious. We had a great time with easy running an some tasty chocolate chip cookies, THANKS. Well Chris had to head back to get the Christmas dinners, so Cole and I went exploring a road that went up hill to deadend at what looked like a grave made of stacked white stones. We turned around and ended up at the waterfall in Jackson or Araz. We kept going down the wash to the steep hill Black jeep was burning rubber on and picked up a slightly used Jeep windshield and some beer cans. Instead of going out to the right we turned left and went in to a kinda valley area and to the left were some large dirt dams in a canyon, so we went right up a long senic climb up to a saddle that was very windy and cold. we could see good roads at the bottom, but the road from saddle curved and went out of sight in the rocks. so we went down and bounced off a few boulders and came out on American Girl Road. I worried there would be locked gates or guards, but no problems. We had a great time, blue skies, and good company. Get out and wheel before summer's on us again! Rick

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