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About Yuma 4X4

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About Yuma 4X4 Empty About Yuma 4X4

Post by Yuma 4X4 on 4/16/2009, 6:02 am

About Yuma 4X4
Welcome to Yuma 4X4!
Our History:
The Yuma 4-Wheelers was founded on March 21, 2005. The original Founder, Chris Hoover, has managed every aspect of the club (managing and organizing runs and events, managing and designing the websites and forums, etc.) since the inception of Yuma 4X4.

Who Are We:
The Yuma 4-Wheelers is an informal organization that provides information, a website and organized trail rides for 4X4 owners and 4X4 enthusiasts. The Yuma 4-Wheelers is made up of a random collection of people with similar interests.

What We Do:
Every 2 weeks Yuma 4X4 organizes a Trail Ride for everyone to enjoy. All organized Trail Rides are easy to moderate and is certainly do-able by most, if not all, stock 4-wheel drive vehicles.

We also coordinate BBQ's and Potlucks a few times a year so we can get a chance to meet each other over some good food.

  • There are NO DUES to pay.
  • There are NO MEETINGS you have to attend.
  • There are NO OFFICERS to elect.
  • There are NO LEVELS OF MANITORY INVOLVEMENT. You simply participate when you want.

Chris Hoover - Yuma 4X4 - Cal-Zona 4X4
1984 Toyota X-Cab: A daily driver that is ready to Rock N' Roll!
1984 Regular Cab: Capable Daily driver.
1985 Toyota X-Cab: Parts, or project?
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Yuma 4X4
Yuma 4X4
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Cal-Zona Admin.

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